My name is Daniela Contini and I a portrait photographer based in Kfar Saba, Israel. I am originally from Italy.

I started taking photography seriously when I realized that it was a passion I kept hidden for years. So I went to take lessons and attended the Galitz Photography School in Ramat Gan, Israel. Besides this school, I also learned from internationally known photographers like Sue Bryce, Felix Kunze, Richard Wood, and others. 

One aspect of this art I am most passionate about is the opportunity to be in contact with people. I am good at simply and naturally creating a bond of mutual trust with the person I have in front of me, which allows me to put the person at ease and achieve natural and relaxed photographs. If we then add a good sense of aesthetics and a knowledge of figurative art, we obtain the perfect recipe for the photographs published on this website.

I like to “create” photographs with a painterly style. Before becoming a photographer I was a painting restorer, this gave me a good cultural background which certainly influences my photographic style.

I shoot in my studio, on location, or even at the client’s home, using both natural and artificial light.

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Group Exhibitions

March 2014 – “Who is the Heroine?” at Artisthouse Modi’in,  Israel.

April, 2014 – “Urbanica2014”, at Hakir33, Tel Aviv, Israel.

August 2014 – “Light and Shadows”, Habayt Hayarok, M. Gordon University Club, Tel Aviv.

September 2014 – “Light and Shadows”, Acco Theater Center.

January 2015 – “Certificate of Poverty”, Habayt Hayarok, M. Gordon University Club, Tel Aviv.

February 2015 – “Certificate of Poverty”,  The Brender-Moss library for Social Sciences & Management, Tel Aviv University.

March 2015 – “Cuba before the change”, ZEZEZE Architecture Gallery, Tel Aviv.

January 2017 – “Reflections” at Artisthouse Modi’in,  Israel.

November 2017 – “Rabbit Hole” at Indie Gallery, Tel Aviv

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